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Subject: Re: ebXML will end up being too expensive for small business

I think Nikola has made an important point here. I don't think we have to 
promote an "all or nothing" proposition. As an aside the ebXML TR&P 
prototype we demoed (with the help of Vitria Technology) in Brussels was 
hosted on three laptops. We could easily have hosted the whole demo on a 
single laptop, but chose to demonstrate cross vendor interoperability. I 
don't think this is much of a burden for SMEs and the value-proposition is 
a no-brainer.

Nicholas Kassem

Palo ALto, CA.

At 06:44 PM 6/1/2000 -0400, Nikola Stojanovic wrote:

><Bill Chessman>
>The question is: What exactly does everyone think they will get out of
></Bill Chessman>
>I would say that there are, as with any other system, many "aspects'" of it
>and that someone might choose some, but not all of them. Some businesses
>might use TR&P piece of ebXML (and maybe only some specs of the whole TR&P
>set) to accomplish their tasks, but many others might need much more.
>Anyway, as a starting point, I would hope that Level 1 TR&P message header
>will be flying around the globe very soon.

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