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Subject: Re: XML Gave A War, But Nobody Came

Rik Drummond wrote:

> none of the existing internet transport systems offer "business quality
> messaging". the basic functionality for this may be found at bqm.org. the
> tr&p group is implementing this functionality more or less. it is a
> functionality many large business require to implement ec..... regards, rik

Currently, all BQM-related software are commercial products (IBM's MQ,
Microsoft's MSMQ, etc.).

In the Java world there is the Java Messaging Service (JMS), which can either
ride on top of one of these products or there have even been announced JMS
native products.

IBM submitted the Application Messaging Interface (AMI) to the Open
Application Group (http://www.openapplications.org/), which has adopted

Currently, examples in ebXML draft specifications use HTTP and SMTP.
How does the ebXML T,R & P working group see BQM-related products
fitting in with ebXML?



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