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Subject: Draft Specifications for review

Dear ebXML Participants,

As some of you have noticed the ebXML web pages have not be kept
updated.  We have encountered some problems in doing so and are
working on resolving this over the next few days.

Because of this problem of maintaining the site in a timely
manner, the page containing our Draft Specifications for review
don't show all of the drafts for review. In particular the
drafts from the Architecture, Business Process and Core
Component Project Teams are missing.

In order to ensure that your are aware of those specifications
being out for their first review cycle, I am sending this
message with the links to those specifications. This will allow
everyone to get a copy for review. Let me also remind you that
there are two specifications on that page, "Transport, Routing
and Packing" and "Registry and Repository Part 1: Business
Domains" that are also still in the 1st review cycle.

Here are the three additional links:

Technical Architecture Specification Draft (version 0.6):


Comments to be send to the project team list:



Business Process - Metamodel Technical Specificati


Comments to be send to the project team list:



Core Component Methodology Technical Specification Draft:

Comments to be send to the project team list:



In regard to commenting on any of the drafts. Please use the
following format for each comment:

1. Line Range the comment is against

2. Comment

3. Rational for the comment

4. Suggestion for change

Each project team will review each comment and identify the
action taken.  The complete list of all comments plus the
disposition will be part of the next public revision cycle.


Klaus-Dieter Naujok
ebXML Chair

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