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Subject: Next ebXML Meeting Information

The following information is now on our home page.  I am sending it
via the list to ensure everyone will have seen this.

San Jose, California 7 August, 2000 - 11 August, 2000

The meeting, held at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, California,
will begin on Monday, August 7, at 8:00 am and will adjourn on
Friday, August 11, at 5:00 pm. An evening reception is scheduled
for Monday, August 7. 

Hotel Reservations

Reservations are to be made directly by the meeting attendee.
Refer to the ebXML meeting to receive the group room rate of $189
per night. 

This rate is effective from Saturday, August 5 until Friday,
August 11. Please make your hotel reservations by July 14.                         

Hotel Information:

Doubletree Hotel
250 Gateway Plaza 
San Jose, California 
Tel: 408-453-4000 
Fax: 408-437-2898 

The Doubletree Hotel is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley,
between Hwy. 101 and San Jose International Airport, Doubletree
puts you 45 minutes south of San Francisco and one hour north of
Monterey and Carmel. 

For more information and maps visit the ebXML home page

For accommodation in other hotels,  please contact the California
Tourist Reservation Office:
Email: caltour@commerce.ca.gov 

Meeting Registration Online registration available soon. 


For questions regarding the event, contact: 

David Etelson 
Sun Microsystems
Tel: 650-786-5746

For questions regarding the ebXML meeting content, contact: 

ebXML Chair 
Klaus-Dieter Naujok 

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