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Subject: Leaving this list

I have noticed that over the last few days, since sending out the announcement of our next meeting members have started to Un-sub[scribe] from 
this list.  I am not sure if this has to do with that announcement or not.  I wish those who did un-sub[scribe] had send me a note given the 
reason.  Should you plan to un-sub[scribe], I would appreciate receiving a private email telling me why.  If it is something that we as ebXML 
executives can work on, we will do so.

Having said that, let me restate that ebXML is an open initiative, anyone can join and be a participant. To do so, there are however two 
mandatory requirements.  The first is that you register as a members.  The second, you become a member of this list in order to receive 
administrative information such as new drafts out for review and meeting notices. Anyone that has registered can further join any project team 
and their lists, as well as attend ebXML meetings.

As a consequence, anyone that un-sub[scribes] from this list will be dropped from the ebXML membership.  Further, the members will be un-sub
[scribed] from any of the project team lists he or she may be part off.  We are in the process to automate this tasks via special scripts and 

If you like to comment on this message you have two choices, one send me an email and I will respond to it, and if necessary pass it on to the 
Executive or Steering Committee.  The other choice is for you to past your comments to the ebXML-discussion list.


Klaus-Dieter Naujok
ebXML Chair

PS. If you are wondering why am I using [] in a certain word, it is to ensure that the keyword filter is not catching the word in question and 
stops the posting since it assumes it is a a request to unsub[scribe] from the list :-)

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