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Subject: XML.org Soft Launch Release to ebXML Participants

Soft Launch Release to ebXML Participants

XML.org Expands As Online Resource for XML in Industry

ebXML Participants:

During the week of May 28th, OASIS will launch a major expansion of
XML.org as the clearinghouse for information on the use of XML in
industry.  In addition to providing a comprehensive, non-commercial body
of XML initiatives, schema and specification listings, XML.org will
support online collaboration and information exchange categorized for
specific vertical industries.  We have re-organized, re-categorized and
expanded XML.org content, improved site functionality, user interface
and collaboration features, enhanced our technology and infrastructure
and made it easier for visitors to contribute content.

An important feature of the XML.org site is the XML.org Registry, a
repository of XML specifications and schemas developed by a wide variety
of vertical industry groups.  We are very excited that UN/CEFACT and
OASIS have granted XML.org permission to archive the approved ebXML
specs in the XML.org Registry.  (Of course, the specs will continue to
be posted on www.ebxml.org too.)  XML.org is proud to help promote the
accomplishments of ebXML by making the specs more widely available to
the public for download.

ebXML participants are invited to preview the new XML.org on
<http://hercules.xml.org:8088> prior to its official launch.  We welcome
any feedback you have that would be helpful in our launch of the new
site.  Please be sure to visit our new XML in Industry Section.

Please note that XML.org is not supported by OASIS member dues.  XML.org
is solely funded by corporate sponsors, including IBM, SAP, Sun
Microsystems, Oracle, Documentum, IDEAlliance, SoftQuad and Altova, Inc.
Sponsorship opportunities, ranging from 2,000 to 100,000 USD, are
currently available.  Details are on


Leo Kraunelis
General Manager of XML.org
leo.kraunelis@xml.org <mailto:leo.kraunelis@xml.org>

Laura Walker
Executive Director of OASIS
laura.walker@oasis-open.org <mailto:laura.walker@oasis-open.org>

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