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Subject: Call for Participation: Workshop @ 20th International Conference onConceptual Modeling

Norbert H. Mikula is on the Program Committee of a workshop held in
conjunction with the 20th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling in
Yokohama, Japan. See: http://www.ifi.uni-klu.ac.at/Conferences/eCOMO2001.

The workshop scope is very much in synch with what OASIS is doing with the
United Nations CEFACT in ebXML.

This Call for Participation can include recent results and actual work in
progress which relates to the eCOMO topics. Since ER'2001 and thus eCOMO are
refereed events, the contributions are subject to peer review (one of the
peers being Norbert) and selected, as is usual, based on their novelty,
clarity, soundness etc. As a consequence of this,
the deadline for full paper submissions comes rather soon, namely July, 16.
However, informally, we could extend that deadline by two extra weeks for
OASIS community.

Please submit all topics and/or questions to Professor Heinrich. Please see
attachment for complete contact information.

n:Mayr;Prof. Dr.  Heinrich C. Mayr
org:President of GI, German Informatics society;CEO Industriestiftungsinstitut E-Business: www.biztec.org
title:IWAS, University of Klagenfurt
fn:Prof. Dr. rer.nat.Dr.h.c. Heinrich C. Mayr

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