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Subject: [ebxml] OASIS Cosponsors ebXML Day at XML Europe 2002

OASIS is pleased to cosponsor the "XML Europe 2002" conference in
Barcelona, Spain on 19-24 May, 2002. XML Europe 2002--Down To Business:
Getting Serious About XML, organized by IDEAlliance, is Europe's largest
XML event. OASIS will be active at this conference, with speakers
presenting topics related to TC activities, and TC meetings will be
held. Speaking opportunities are still available, IDEAlliance will be
taking late-breaking submissions until 1 March.

IDEAlliance and OASIS are also cosponsoring ebXML Day that will occur at
XML Europe 2002. ebXML Day at XML Europe 2002 brings together
developers, industry groups and users from around the world who have
collaborated under the direction of the United Nations CEFACT and OASIS
to create ebXML.

For full programme details go to http://www.xmleurope.com/

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