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Subject: RE: Has anything happened with ebXML Architecture yet?

Message text written by INTERNET:srh@us.ibm.com

Has anything happened with ebXML Architecture since
the San Jose kickoff......?

Scott R. Hinkelman
IBM Austin
Architecture and Development, Industry XML/Java Standards
Office: 512-823-8097 TL793-8097
Home: 512-930-5675
Cell: 512-940-0519
Fax: 512-838-1074


YES!  I am actually putting forward the attached draft as somewhat of a 
jump start to get us oriented around some technical issues.

I realize this is a bit premature - but I see the sense of urgency here
the backdrop of the W3C state of play.  Apologies, but not too many!

People at XML'99 have been asking the same questions and I for one
am Gungho to really drive everything forward quickly.  Now XML'99 one
is behind us I see a bit more time freeing up where we can complete work 
on the initial Web content - get an agenda and schedule sketched
out, bring in lots more people (I have many offer already - another key
reason why the Road Map is essential to help orientate newbeeis),
and then let's have at it.  I would also submit my PPT as a start point on
the Architecture - and thought of using some of those slides + text to
hone together an Archtecture Document. (http://www.bizcodes.org for that).

Obviously this raises a chunk of issues too - so lets start throwing those
out - biggest one is relation between ebXML focus work and W3C work.

We need to straighten out that liaison path ASAP and get people 
assigned to cover that so we;re not tripping over each others toes.

I don;t see this as a big deal - just a procedural point we need to 
address.  Time and space were hard to control at XML'99 so I 
did not manage to talk with everyone I wanted to on this - but I'm
sure we can catchup on that in the coming week or two.
(Bob / Laura - HELP please!).

Thanks, DW.


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