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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: ebXML

Hello All:

I am back from my trip to XML 99 and the "analyst tour 99".

Things are progressing with our ebXML framework and I look forward to
receiving an official list of requirements from that Committee.  Here
are some points that I am pondering in the meantime:

1. Security - While thinking about our rush to unify the worlds'
e-business relations, I realized that a repository model would
potentially invite tech-terrorist / hacker attention.  Imagine if a
hacker gained access to a repository and shut it down.

Solution - we should use a de-centralized approach to combat this
possibility and utilize a check-sum type authentication / error
detection protocol.  That way,  if a hacker gained access to one, even
two repositories, the remaining integral systems would be able to detect
the errors, shut down the errant repositories and accept re-routed

I think that E-terrorism is likely to increase in the future.  The ebXML
framework must be architected to minimize the impact of any breach if
system integrity.

The use of service messages to detect any breach should be mandatory. 

Any thoughts?

2. Design Rules for repositories - The Repository group will be
forwarding us their recommendations soon.  

Duane Nickull
| http://www.xmlglobal.com  /* Corporate site */    |
| http://www.goxml.com     /* XML Search engine */  |
| http://www.cartnetwork.com /* XML E-commerce */   |
|   "Really Cool XML Solutions - available today!"  |

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