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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: RE: ebXML

I would certainly expect security to be a topic covered in the Business Requirements, but the point Duane raises might not be one the Business folks would think to raise.  

Both X12 and EDIFACT provide substantial security capabilities which will be difficult if not impossible to provide in a less controlled internet environment.  For example, a signed X12 document provides a reference to a well defined standard, and provides an assurance that the transmitted information was not modified after signing.  A signed XML document provides an assurance that the basic document was not modified after signing, but provides no assurance as to the integrity of any other XML information referenced by the basic document.  This other information may provide crucial information needed to interpret the semantic meaning of the document.  So that which is signed may be less than that which our courts would accept as evidence of intent/commitment.

Perhaps some measure of version content control to address this issue is a requirement in hiding.


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