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Subject: Re: Techncial Architecture Contributions

> Miller, Robert (GEIS) wrote:
> Duane,
> Somewhere in the Technical Architecture document we produce there is a
> need
> for sections which introduce the components that constitute the ebXML
> environment, and which impose functional requirements upon those
> components.
> Attached are MSWORD and HTML files that provide a start at such an
> introduction and functional requirements list for the registry and
> repository components.  I think the descriptive content I provided is
> about
> at the level of what is needed, but I'm sure it could be improved.
> The
> functional requirement stuff is very sparse at this time and it should
> not
> be imbedded with the descriptive stuff. Instead, we need to provide
> the
> requirments in nice lists that facilitate later verification that the
> requirements have been met by the designs developed by the responsible
> teams.

This has been posted at:


> I do believe the eCo Framework Architecture Document would provide
> some of
> what we need for our document.  If that be so, we can make a formal
> request
> to
> CommerceNet for permission to use the material.

Can you please do this for our group.  I am getting bogged down with
other tasks.  We should get permission without committing to adopt the
entire archtiecture.  

> If at any time there is specific work you would like me to undertake,
> please
> let me know. 
> Cheers,
>               Bob
>  <<TechArch.doc>>  <<TechArch.html>>
>                       Name: TechArch.doc
>    TechArch.doc       Type: WINWORD File (application/msword)
>                   Encoding: x-uuencode
> TechArch
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