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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: ebXML Architecture Call Minutes 01/20/2000

Bob Miller volunteered to act as recording secretary for this call.
Below are the minutes of this meeting from my notes.  Corrections/oversights

The ebXML Architecture conference call began at 12Noon EST and concluded at
1:05pm EST.

Present on the call were:

	Anders Grangard
	Scott Hinkelman
	Melanie McCarthy
	Nikola Sdojanovic
	Bob Glushko
	Duane Nickull
	Bob Miller

Reported as unable to attend due to schedule conflicts were Matt MacKenzie
and David Webber.

The Agenda was modified to remove 'Messaging and Packaging' from the Liaison
Reports List.
No such ebXML team exists, it's Transport, Routing & Packaging already on
the list.  Agenda was
approved as modified.

Bob Miller reminded that active participation is a requirement of team
membership.  Some 
discussion pursued on 'In/Out/Latecomer' participation and possible
disruption of work from same.
It was reported that this is a concern of other teams as well, and that
Terry Allen was preparing a
recommendation dealing with this issue.

Duane Nickull provided update on ebXML Website.  When fully activated, he
will have the ability
to post documents for our team, and to separately post team approved work
for full ebXML review
and comment.  Duane stated that archives for all of the team listserv's are
available somewhere on
the OASIS site.

Agenda item on Approval of Project Scope, Mission and Deliverables was
deferred to Orlando meeting
on recommendation of Melanie McCarthy and agreement of call participants.

Duane reported as ebXML Requirements liaison.  Little visible progress has
been made by this team.
There has been some exchange of thought on issues with the ebXML
Requirements Chair Mike Rawlins.  

Need for liaison representatives and liaison duties was discussed.  An
agenda item was identified for the 
Orlando meeting to clearly define the duties and responsibilities of liaison

Individual liaison volunteers to other ebXML teams are:

	ebXML Requirements			Duane Nickull
	Core Components				Bob Glushko (a member of
Core Components)
	Transport, Routing, Packaging		Nikola Sdojanovic, tentative
							Dan Burdett (a
member of T,R,P) will be invited to be 
							our liaison	
	Registry and Repository			Scott Hinkelman
	Sales, Educaton and Marketing		Bob Miller
	Techncial Support				Anders Grangard
	Business Process Methodology		Melanie McCarthy
Liaison with external organizations was discussed, but no individual liaison
assignments were made.
It was agreed that external organizations include standards groups such as
X12, UN/CEFACT, and W3C,
and domain groups, such as ECO, OTA, OAG.  A discussion of the need to get
buy-in from the many
domain groups (both from a business and a technical perspective) was
discussed.  An action item was
agreed to express our concern on domain buy-in to the Steering Group and our
expectation that they will
address this concern.

Duane Nickull provided a briefing on the status of the project deliverables.
Duane expects to post a work
outline and a TechArch discussion document on Monday, 01/24.

No new business was raised.

The Orlando meeting schedule was discussed.  Bob Miller was charged with
contacting the meeting
coordinator to express our needs for the breakout room (adequate room and
power for portables, 
overhead, flip charts are minimum requirements). The need to prepare for the
Monday afternoon 
team presentation was discussed.  Bob Miller will prepare draft Powerpoint
slides by Monday for 
team review and input.  Final slides need to be completed by Friday.  The
meeting agenda and 
timetable was also discussed.  (Bob Miller will also prepare the draft
agenda by Monday).
The need for another phone conference prior to the meeting was discussed.
Consensus was that
another phone confernece is not needed, but if listserv discussion next week
finds need of such a 
conference, one will be called.

The call was adjourned at 1:05EST.

  Bob Miller

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