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Subject: Fw: ebXML TechArch Monday Slides

Some comments:

Slide 3: Definition of Architectural Scope
    Should we try to define how we see relationships between Architecture
    and the other groups or we expect someone else (SC?) to spell it out?

Slide 3: Design Rules
    Name seems to be a little bit vague. Is it a mix of the requirements,
    deliverables, ...?

Slide 3: Working Prototype System
    Is there a need for QA function within the ebXML? Who will produce Test
    And should ebXML have a Certification Authority in which case the Test
    might be used?


----- Original Message -----
From: "Miller, Robert (GEIS)" <Robert.Miller@geis.ge.com>
To: <ebXML-Architecture@lists.oasis-open.org>
Cc: <Robert.Miller@geis.ge.com>
Sent: Friday, January 21, 2000 2:56 PM
Subject: ebXML TechArch Monday Slides

> Hi All,
> Attached is a first cut at PowerPoint Slides for our Monday presentation.
>  <<ebXML-0200Meeting.ppt>>
> Some initial comments on the slides:
> 1) ebXML Architecture Team
> Title slide
> 2) Mission
> Shortened from mission stated on our web page.
> Let's try to finalize wording for this  prior to our meeting.
> 3) Deliverables
> I fashioned this from 'Global deliverables' on our ebXML web pages
> As our Editor/Technical Leader, Duane should be the presenter for
> this slide section (and breakout slides deriving from this slide, if
> any)
> Our audience will focus on this part of our presentation.
> 4) & 5) Liaisons
> Need to resolve T,R,&P liaison
> 6) Liaisons
> Probably the wrong title for this slide
> This is where we raise our Steering Group support concern
> 7) To Do This Week
> I took a shot in the dark on this one.  Thinking is we need Tuesday
> to
> ourselves.  On Wednesday, we'll probably need to hold some cross-
> team sessions, as we work our way through the architecture pieces.
> Thursday, we need to make sense of Wednesday.
> As you go through the slides, you may want to make revisions and shoot the
> revised PPT back to the listserv.  As we settle on slide content, I'll
> revisions to the first cut.  Assuming Duane is confortable with presenting
> the
> Deliverables section, he will be the one having final say on the contento
> slides in this section.
> Comments regarding the slides and presentation are also welcome.

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