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Subject: ebXML TP&R Conf Call 9 Feb 2000

Hello everybody!
I have attended TP&R (Transport, Packaging and Routing) group's con call
this morning and here is a brief summary of what was discussed. BTW, Scott
Hinkleman was on the call as well.

1. While discussing a scope of their group I asked about their DA (Draft
Architecture) Diagram that Rik Drummond has presented last Friday in
Orlando. It looked to me that one of our scenarious (going to the Repository
via Internet) was not in their model. Someone has mentioned that there might
be a later version that addresses this case, and their Editor - David
Burdett has sent us the latest version, which is attached in this msg as a
powerpoint document. Conclusion was that we need to look at it, revise it if
necessary and give it back to them so they can include it in their OR
(Overview and Requirements) document.

2. They plan to incorporate comments on their OR doc sometimes next week; I
have recieved current version of their OR doc today as well. I feel that we
need to look, not only their proposed DA Diagram, but also the whole doc as
well. Please let me know if group thinks that it is appropriate and if yes,
what would be logistics of it. One of the possibilities might be that I or
someone else presents the doc to our group?

3. Other tasks that they are going to work on are:
    - Various definitions and terminology.
    - Use Cases for Template Choreographies.
    - Mapping of entities (data items) used in the following
        UCC Net, OAG, e5, XML Messaging, BizTalk, EDI INT AS1 & AS2, EDI
Header, RosettaNet, FIX.
      If anybody feels that they should include additional
protocols/frameworks we should let them know.
    - Service Interfaces (APIs). They are not sure what and when will be
deliver in this regard.
    - Security and Reliable Messaging will be discussed next week.

Let me know if format of the summary is OK. Do we need this kind of reviews
on a regular basis (I don't mind doing it) or you would prefer once a month,


ebXML TP&R Draft Architecture.ppt

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