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Subject: Re: ebXML TP&R Conf Call 9 Feb 2000

Thanks Nikola for your comprehensive overview.
I would like to add one comment to your item 3: SWIFT will be coming out in the next couple of months with its specification of the
header (of which some elements will not require any mapping since SWIFT is a network provider as well).
I believe in due time this mapping should be added.


Nikola Stojanovic wrote:

> Hello everybody!
> I have attended TP&R (Transport, Packaging and Routing) group's con call
> this morning and here is a brief summary of what was discussed. BTW, Scott
> Hinkleman was on the call as well.
> 1. While discussing a scope of their group I asked about their DA (Draft
> Architecture) Diagram that Rik Drummond has presented last Friday in
> Orlando. It looked to me that one of our scenarious (going to the Repository
> via Internet) was not in their model. Someone has mentioned that there might
> be a later version that addresses this case, and their Editor - David
> Burdett has sent us the latest version, which is attached in this msg as a
> powerpoint document. Conclusion was that we need to look at it, revise it if
> necessary and give it back to them so they can include it in their OR
> (Overview and Requirements) document.
> 2. They plan to incorporate comments on their OR doc sometimes next week; I
> have recieved current version of their OR doc today as well. I feel that we
> need to look, not only their proposed DA Diagram, but also the whole doc as
> well. Please let me know if group thinks that it is appropriate and if yes,
> what would be logistics of it. One of the possibilities might be that I or
> someone else presents the doc to our group?
> 3. Other tasks that they are going to work on are:
>     - Various definitions and terminology.
>     - Use Cases for Template Choreographies.
>     - Mapping of entities (data items) used in the following
> protocols/frameworks:
>         UCC Net, OAG, e5, XML Messaging, BizTalk, EDI INT AS1 & AS2, EDI
> Header, RosettaNet, FIX.
>       If anybody feels that they should include additional
> protocols/frameworks we should let them know.
>     - Service Interfaces (APIs). They are not sure what and when will be
> deliver in this regard.
>     - Security and Reliable Messaging will be discussed next week.
> Let me know if format of the summary is OK. Do we need this kind of reviews
> on a regular basis (I don't mind doing it) or you would prefer once a month,
> ...?
> Nikola
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                         Name: ebXML TP&R Draft Architecture.ppt
>    ebXML TP&R Draft Architecture.ppt    Type: Microsoft Powerpoint Show (application/vnd.ms-powerpoint)
>                                     Encoding: base64
org:S.W.I.F.T. sc;Standards
title:Product Manager Standards Automation
fn:Kris Ketels

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