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Subject: RE: agenda issues for TechArch ConfCall

I would also like to see more separation between the business processes and
the templates for transforms between these processes.  One would hope that a
large number of users would be sharing the same base specification and would
then not need any transform (except from their internal processes).  A
precise and normative transform between different business processes is a
bit dicey, perhaps this is more of a registry to be used when collaborators
do not share a capability to support the same B2B process.

Cory Casanave

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Peter Kacandes [SMTP:Peter.Kacandes@EBay.Sun.COM]
> Sent:	Thursday, February 24, 2000 12:45 PM
> To:	ebXML-Architecture@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject:	Re: agenda issues for TechArch ConfCall
> Perhaps a couple of points for discussion on the call:
> I was under the impression that a goal of the ebxml work was to target
> SMEs, but I 
> didn't see that explicitly referenced in the material duane sent out.
> Should it be?
> Also, I'm unclear as to why there should be two APIs, one for machines and
> one for 
> humans. It seems to me that there should only be one API. If somebody
> wants to 
> write a human gui for the API, they are welcome to do it, but its only one
> API.
> The system represented in the slides seems to me to require a large
> technical 
> infrastructure on the part of those using it to do all of this template
> mapping. 
> This seems to me to be inimical to the goal of targeting it for SMEs.
> From the material, it seems like there is only one reg-rep. This seems to
> me to be 
> impractical because it would have to be one big honking reg-rep. Rather it
> would 
> seem to me that there should be multiple reg-reps each of which is
> specialized on 
> grouping similar things. So, for example, if you were interested in
> financial 
> services, you would look into a finance reg-rep to find business that
> offer 
> financial services. If you want shoes, that would be in a different
> reg-rep. That's 
> not to say that one reg-rep doesn't utilize another one. So, for example,
> let say 
> you've decided you want to buy shoes from somebody, you might then use the
> finance 
> reg-rep to find mutually satisfactory financial services for you to
> conclude the 
> transaction. Its up to each business to register themselves and their
> services in 
> the appropriate repository. So any business that offers OFX payment
> services would 
> register themselves in the finance reg-rep. If both parties to the shoe
> transaction 
> can use OFX, then they can use the finance reg-rep to confirm it. This
> approach 
> also reduced the required technical infrastructure require by the business
> since it 
> moves the bulk of the templates to the reg-reps where the businesses
> register 
> themselves. Consequently, its much more palatable to the SMEs who do not
> have the 
> resources to do all of that themselves.
> regards
> pk
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> >From: "agrangard@nycall.com" <anders.grangard@edifrance.org>
> >To: <ebXML-Architecture@lists.oasis-open.org>
> >Subject: TechArch ConfCall
> >Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 17:11:36 +0100
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> >
> >Fellow Architects
> >
> >As there seems to be a general impatience to wait for the SC conference
> >call, lets go wild and crazy and have an TechArch conference call anyway.
> I
> >will be in London for the full next week so I would like to propose
> Monday
> >the 6th March at 6 pm GMT. If there is an urgent need for having the call
> >already next week, I will investigate if they have phones in the UK, but
> I
> >think we also like a few days to review the latest inputs.
> >
> >In the meantime I will start preparing the agenda and I appreciate any
> >input.
> >
> >Kind regards
> >
> >Anders Grangard
> >Edifrance
> >Ingénieur - Consultant en Commerce électronique
> >Tel: +33 (0)1 42 91 57 93
> >http://www.edifrance.org
> >
> Peter Kacandes
> Application Planning, Architecture & Strategy	phone number: 	X36529
> WWOPS IT/Supply Chain Management		email:	peter.kacandes@ebay

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