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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: Version 0.8 is deprecated


I apologize for ducking out of the conference call early on Monday.

I noted that there is an action item to investigate what happened to version
0.8 of our Orlando PPT.

It is clear to me that it was read and the gist of it has been disgested and
used as a basis for the work that has been done by other committees.  It has
been expanded upon by the relevant groups and should now be considered
outdated.  I do not believe there is any use to focusing on that "straw man"
anymore.  THe others have moved WAy past this.

I think that it is very important for us to review the documents from the
ebXML requirements committee and  the TRP group.  Both have presented
documents which are counting on our input from an architectural basis.

The architecture is taking shape and we have a responsibility to keep up
with the works in progress to see if it is congruent with the architecture
and needs from the ebXML requirements group.

My $0.02 worth


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