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Subject: RE: Efficient XML - request for input


>    I can see it from the tool re-use standpoint, I just 
> assume that most 
> tools for ebXML would probably have to be
> built from the ground up anyway.  Is there many tools for RDF 
> that do this 
> sort of thing (transformations, etc?).

Not yet, but if you require special build tools where are the advantges
over EDIFACT? Dont know how familiar you are with the existing mapping
editors, but those have a very good quality for repository management
and message design, something you wont see this year in XSL Editors...
(and those are hard to produce anything beside XML).

The key is .. dont require the user to use an XSL editor.. thats the
same cost as using a EDI Mapper... You can currently calculate 0.5 - 2
persondays (if you are quick) for doing a complete EDI mapping.. do you
think a XSL editor will reduce that? Dont think so.. only reuse and OO
API can. 


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