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Subject: Re: Compression (was RE: COMPLEXITY BIG ISSUE)

Message text written by Matthew MacKenzie
So you are saying "Forget transport, focus on the transaction minus 
delivery?".  I actually feel that way as well, but is there not a whole 
committee devoted to transport, and wouldn't they need to make some 
decisions about this?

>>>>>>>>> Quite.  If you send something by FedEx you don't care what
                       type of Van they put it in. That's their job to
figure out the right
                       van for the job.  You simply describe the shipment: 
                       weight and item.   What we do need to ensure is that
there is
                        a consistent description of the envelope structure
                       interchange grammer.

I like the BizTalk model, which is transport agnostic (assuming a handler 
is provided for what you are trying to do), but I am guessing that most of 
the actual B2B transport is going to happen on one medium, with others 
being spawned as a result of the main transaction.  I also am hoping that 
transport is no longer up to the hardware guys, what with TCP/IP and all - 
I really hope we aren't doing too much more modem-based communication.

>>>>>>>>>>> Sorry - I should have included Routers in there as well - its
                           a black box (or beige)!

Matthew MacKenzie<

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