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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: ebXML Transport - conf call March 9, 2000

Here is the summary:

1) ebXML TR&P Overview & Requirements document will be published on the
ebXML web site.
2) Some people are taking to IETF and W3C about activities that relate to
group's responsibilities.
3) Ongoing discussion on header structure, ...
4) MIME wrapper paper was presented and discussed. They'll work on this
more. They'll also work on XML equivalent of it.
5) Outline specification document was presented. This will involve into
group's first deliverable.
6) They've discussed the idea of doing a prototype and that someone from
Architecture group might be doing the same. Issue of scope was mentioned as
7) Gartner Group report that talks about ebXML has been cited.
8) One of the goals for next week is to read Requirements Group document.
9) F2F meeting will be in Dallas Fort Worth between the 4th and 6th of
10) It was suggested to people to start booking hotels for Brussels meeting
because there will be another large conference at the same time.


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