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Subject: Drilldown

> From: Nikola Stojanovic  Tuesday, March 07, 2000 12:17 PM
> To: ebXML-Architecture@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: TR&P's Requirements & Overview Spec
> Please find attached the latest ebXML TR&P Requirements & Overview Spec

SMEs will use multiple BSPs or ASPs (dotcoms for payroll, billpayment or
purchasing, webstores for selling, and so forth.)

There will be a root ledger or consolidation point someplace,
for purpose of producing entity's financial statements etc.
ebXML will need to support the posting of transactions from these
subsystems or subledgers, to the root, or master, general ledger.

Some users will need to leave the transaction detail on the ASP or 
BSP host.  In such cases, they will require drilldown from their
root ledger to the detail on originating ASP or BSP.

It is an interesting question whether any elements necessary to provide 
drilldown need to be part of the message transport design.  I don't see 
any mention of the word drilldown in the list archives or TR&P overview.

In OAG, the <CNTROLAREA> section of each business object document
contains for example, the following

LogicalID, Component, Task and ReferenceID are intended among other
things to enable the receiving application to drillback into the 
originating system.  The combination of Logical ID, Component, Task 
and Reference ID create a globally unique identifier that make each 
Business Object Document distinguishable.

In conclusion, does ebXML provide the necessary data structures 
to enable applications which provide efficient, error-free drilldown,
and if so, is this entirely within the transaction doc. or also involve 
the transport and routing design?

* Todd F. Boyle CPA    tboyle@rosehill.net  (425) 827-3107

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