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Subject: Re: Shallow parse trees

On Sat, 11 Mar 2000, David RR Webber wrote:
> Here's the trick.   By using the DTD and attributes cleverly together
> you can indeed get 'shallow parse trees' that are also highly rich
> in information content.  Since the DTD can default all sorts of 
> useful things like "lang=EN", "format=X12", "curr=US", et al.  This 
> greatly simplifies the transaction content creation and reduces the
> size and complexity of the transaction itself.  Couple this with Bizcodes
> and other power techniques of removing syntax burden and we can indeed
> ensure that message constructs are readable and intuitive.

Attributes are OK if you decide to use them instead of build a deep parse
tree, but if you use both....uggh :)  My point was, don't use them both in
the same section of markup.

<snip context="parsing &amp; caching">
&gt; parsing approach) and the DOM definately supports this today.

I love the DOM, but performance-wise on a busy system...it uses two much
memory. (I have heard of the parse tree taking 6 times the document size
in memory.)  It should get better as time goes by though.

Matthew MacKenzie

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