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Subject: RE: Registry Submissions and Queries

>From: "Duane Nickull" <duane@xmlglobal.com>
  A discussion is
>currently going on in the OASIS REGREP group to include a natural language
>element to describe the data object in human readable terms.  

If you look at the specification for the eCo document wrapper (section 3.2), you will see that 
there are optional elements for <Description>  </Description> and <Label>  </Label> which are 
for a plain language description of the document and a string that defines the name by which 
the item is most commonly known, respectively.

>The last comment you made John was about the type of query.  I belive that
>the query for a machine to machine transaction must follow a SOAP

While I'm not an expert on the topic by far, I've been led to believe that SOAP is not the way 
to go. I'm under the impression that Michael Condry has been starting an OASIS TC to examine 
SOAP, a process which, I've been told, has been useful in bringing its many problems to light. 
Just second hand info. YMMV



Peter Kacandes

Application Planning, Architecture & Strategy	phone number: 	X36529
WWOPS IT/Supply Chain Management		email:	peter.kacandes@ebay

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