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Subject: RE: Registry Submissions and Queries

>I do not think that I follow you here. I assume that the above described
>query is not what you have in mind for ebXML searches correct? XML-RPC
>be too slow for that task. In what context is this XML-RPC?

Agreed, some type of XML-RPC approach is not the way to go.

The XML -RPC is not really a type of query.  It is the mechanism for
delivering a query and subsequently, receiving a reponse.

The query mechanism is essentially the most important part of the query.
Several daemons can be run to accept queries on a registry  (server)
application.  Delivering a query in XML syntax via HTTP as the transport
protocol is a very good way of assuring that you have a 100% O/S and
Platform neutral method for querying a Registry/Repository.  Other good
methods also exist.  XQI (Xml Query Interface), a method employed by the
GoXML.com XML Search engine is merely a dedicated port on a server that
listens for incoming XML-syntax queries.

You could just as easily run a CGI script to accept HTML form input, a COM
object or any other combo of mechanisms.

Just my $0.02 worth.

Duane Nickull

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