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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: Minutes 05/03 Conference Call

Recording Secretary for Meeting
Bob Miller volunteered to serve as Recording Secretary for this conference
call  Bob also chaired meeting until Anders was free to join the call.
Minutes are recorded in agenda order.  Actual discussion order differed
because some participants were unavailable at start of call.
Conference call hosted by GM.  Thank you Melanie.

Bob, John, Al, Nicolai, Duane, Pete, and Anders.  Duane, Pete, and Anders
joined following Steering Committee call.
Approval of Agenda and Minutes
Approved as written
Liaison Reports
		Concern expressed over time taken (1 month) to get press
release out after Orlando meeting
		Concern that ebXML press coverage not widespread.  Some
coverage (OASIS and Robin Cover pages) was noted.

		Continuing discussions on how existing EDI stuff will fit
into ebXML
		UCC Tech Mgr has done UML modeling on some X12 documents,
which may provide some guidance to Core group.

		Work advancing.  Draft document posted on ebXML
specifications index for comment
		Discussion ensued about SOAP and its relation to ebXML/TR&P
				How will it affect ebXML? Noted that Niemann
says it conflicts with ebXML
				TR&P needs to track work (and is doing so)
				Discussed SOAP 'standard/proprietary'
ongoing issues.
StC Report

Tech Coordination: Need to get involved and start issuing directives. See
some overlap. Expect action at/after Brussels.  David Webber looking at this

		Issue: TechCoord supposed to do Glossary, but have not done
		Issue: Joint Sessions. 
				Must trade off WG time needs to resolve
internal issues with needs to resolve cross WG issues.  

Discussed site preparations. No issues to report
Technical Report Status
Debated 0.5 two weeks ago and agreed to circulate with four associated
Minor edit corrections reported and changed.
Nicolai comments: all liaisons should review and feed back on their
Need more meat on BP - BP has submitted some more stuff.  
More balance to likes of R&R stuff
Discussed delegating some writing work to other team members.
Issue: Draft/Version concerns.  Not a finalized document.  Can we get
further before Brussels?  More likely that we can get there by end of
Brussels meeting 
Brussels Planning
Need to pre-plan joint meetings. Keeping in mind the short time we have to
get our work done.
Received comments from Nicolai.on agenda.
Request for short presentation on Tuesday on Boeing work with XML  
What to present on Monday Afternnon?  
		Start with basic architecture.
		TMWG picture (if Klaus doesn't show it)
		Current Document Status (=Draft, working on comment
resolution this week)
		Goals for week
				Document ready for presentation Friday
Chair will prepare timed Brussels agenda for listserv review this week
Chair will post pre-presentation notes 
Chair expressed frustration that document is not yet ready for external
review.  Discussed meting out subtasks to relieve some work effort off Duane
shoulders (and aching back!)

Any Other Business? 
Technical Discussions
Issue: B2B work not addresseed in document
Issue: Need 'good' interface to find/access detail stuff in repository
		Duane discussed XQI, XQL, GOXML, and user inquiry

Issue: Listserv discussions on use of PI's
Misunderstanding cleared up: <?ebXML ...> directive is in addition to, not
replacement of <?xml ...> directive.  Duane withdrew his "won't work, end of
discussion listserv comment".  Issue not resolved, but PI remains as a
possible solution.
Meeting adjourned at 12:05pm.

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