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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: Brussels plenary pres

I suggest that we present the following points at the TechArch slot in the
open plenary session in Brussels. I am open to any changes or additions, but
please keep in mind that we only have 15 minutes.

* The conceptual model and goals. Basically what we showed in Orlando, but
since this is the basic structure for ebXML, I feel it is important for
anyone who has joined us since then to be up-to-date. Others may need the
* Work accomplished since Orlando. I will digest the main points from the
specification. If you have your own top-ten-list, let me know.
* Goals for the Brussels meeting
* Time permitting and if Klaus has not already: the vision graph produced in


Anders Grangard
Ingénieur - Consultant en Commerce électronique
Tel: +33 (0)1 42 91 57 93

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