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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: RE: status of the ebXML mail lists

With all the effort being put into the mail lists can I make a request. I'm
stuck in MS-Outlook and there is no easy/consistent way to automatically
filter and file messages that come from the various ebXML lists. There are
at least 2 problems that I have been able to identify:

1) different list addresses or aliases are being used (and that show up in
the mail header on receipt), for instance:
	List, ebXML Requirements
	ebXML-Architecture List
	ebXML Transport (E-mail)
	'ebXML Core Components (E-mail)'

These are all examples of addresses that I have received mail from in the
last month, above and beyond any that are addressed in this message.

2) MS-Outlook can not access the CC field. Why isn't the list the main
recipient or reply-to?



Dan Vint                 Lexica LLC
Sr XML Analyst          (415)901-3623

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