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Subject: RE: Questions from Brussels

Message text written by "Petit, John"
In your comment below, what about scenarios in which the user DOES want to
search upon a particular schema at the tag level? I see this as very
valuable, and powerful. Also, it seems one of the primary uses of common
business elements is to allow cross schema searches (as well as
interoperability). Why would it be too cumbersome?




What Duane was hinting at is that you need some clever wires on the backend
to make this kind of search seamless for the user on the frontend.

Clearly since the tags can be called ANYTHING the last thing the user wants
is to have to specify all the contexts.   

See http://www.alldomains.com/adv-search/index.html   for how ugly this

Checking all those little boxes?  I don't think so!   And of course the
runs off to all the remotes to query them each.

The answer is to use Bizcodes as a neutral interoperable labelling, once 
you do that - what you want to happen is automatically implementable by
any toolset that supports Bizcodes.

Thanks, DW.

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