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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: Tr: ISO 19118 input to ebXML Architecture



----- Original Message ----- 
From: Arne J. Berre <Arne.J.Berre@informatics.sintef.no>
To: <anders.grangard@edifrance.org>
Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2000 9:53 AM
Subject: ISO 19118 input to ebXML Architecture

> Hi Anders,
> I work with technical interoperability architecture in ISO/TC211
> on Geographich information. In this context we have developed an
> ISO standard (ISO 19118) for encoding information in 
> XML (using DTD or XML Schema) based on information models and
> service models specified in UML. This is a general approach that
> is suitable for specifying interoperable services and information
> models in any domain, creating a common model in UML, with a possibility
> for various encodings in general and using XML in particular.
>  I will be at the ebXML meeting in  Bruxelles from  Wednesday 
> May 10th and is prepared to give a small  presentation on this 
> set of ISO standards (191XX series) if you find that suitable.
> You can find the current ISO 19118 committee draft at:
> http://www.ifi.uio.no/~davids/iso19118/. 
> Best regards,
> Arne J. Berre
> SINTEF Telecom and Informatics
> Oslo, Norway
> Phone: +47 22 06 74 52

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