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Subject: RE: Discussion Topics Re-Revisited

<betty wrote>

The DTD snippet would look something like this:

          id    CDATA  #FIXED "5559849JUE98">

          id  CDATA #FIXED "39408JEX98">

What happens if you are ordering Apples and Oranges and the
distributor is the same but the suppliers are different.  I
don't understand how you can resolve the conflict.
</betty wrote>

The issue is not that the suppliers are different as much as the fact that
the apples and oranges are the same thing (or different) that all the
suppliers are talking about.  If they are the same,  it doesn't matter.
If the distributor places a difference between "Duane's Apples" and "Betty's
Apples", then they are not the same and would require different UID's.

Duane Nickull

President, Software Systems Architect
XML GLobal Technologies

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