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Subject: RE: Announcement from Technical Architecture

Message text written by "Nieman, Scott"
Yes, and there is a value add to moving a DTD into a UML model.  Perhaps to
integrate with other UML models, to update it with a Common Business Object
(oops!, Core Component), to add operations to reflect system behavior such
as workflow.    This is not an bidirectional, isomorphic process.


This works great for Boeing Aircraft Parts, but is less important for
cases of baked beans.

Actually had the EDI director for N.Americas largest producers of Baked
in one of my XML/edi classes as well!  So - FYI - exactly what they need to
product to consumers has a lot less to do with UML than you would want.

As I eat alot more baked beans than aircraft parts I would like to ensure
supply is not held hostage to technology anywhere ; -)


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