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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: RE: Discussion Topics Re-Revisited

Message text written by INTERNET:scampbell@cmass.co.uk

I've been trying track the meaningful/meaningless tag / repository issue on
the various ebXML exploders, and would like to offer some thoughts of my
own.  However, as ive been offline for a while and due to number of threads
on all the different ebXML exploders i've not managed to conclude what the
current 'state of play' is.  I dont suppose someone could offer a summary
the situation, and which options are still options.

Cheers and thanks


Stuart,  since I've been raising dust on this I'll give what I see as

1) People have identified a need / interest

2) Due to a lack of continuity the previous excellent work has been
     obfuscated, poorly reported / understood.

3) Better clarity is needed, plus examples in context of the current
     ebXML work to allow a full understanding.

4) Given 3) I'm working on both a business functional level doc, and
     specific XML syntax examples.

5) I'm not paid for this - so I have to get other things done this week!
    Have started some interesting notes, will definately have more 
    substantives to share next week.

6) Since you obviously are very interested in this - you just volunteered
     to help me edit and review content in rough draft before we push 
     something out to the listserver!  (Any more volunteers out there?)

Thanks, DW.

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