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Subject: Re: Ebxml, Biztalk et al

The biggest difference between the two is that Biztalk is still operating on
a document instance (the document centric approach) while EbXML is focused
on the data element level.  The main advantage is that once you have a
reasonably comprehensive library of elements,  an engine can be deployed to
declaritively transform the elements.   The templates for such
transformations can be dynamically generated (assuming that the contextual
nature of each element instance can be recognized).

Duane Nickull

Steven Livingstone wrote:

> I hope this is the correct list for this question.
> I am looking for a paper reviewing the similarities and differences, pros
> and cons between Ebxml and similar initiatives, BizTalk in particular.
> Any views from this list would also be appreciated !
> Thanks,
> Steven
> Author and Reviewer,
> Professional XML, ASP XML, Beginners XML,
> Pro Site Server, Pro Site Server Commerce
> Wrox Press, http://www.wrox.com
> Steven Livingstone
> Glasgow, Scotland.
> 07771 957 280 or +447771957280

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