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Subject: Re: Ebxml, Biztalk et al

I tend to agree with Bill; stating that we're data element centric is really over-simplifying things.
XML DTD and XML Schema are document centric, however, UML can be much more than that. Hence I would call EbXML also transaction
centric (hence business process modelling).


Bill Chessman wrote:

> Okay, now I'm really confused (so what's new?).  Is ebXML really focused on the
> data element level?  That goes against everything I had previously heard.  I
> thought that ebXML's goals were to use business process modeling (with emphasis
> on XML, UML, etc.) to establish trading frameworks and scenarios.
> Are data elements really a deliverable of the ebXML initiative?  I thought the
> point was to develop the methodologies needed by the different industry
> groups/sectors so that they could develop/discover the elements they need and
> incorporate them into the architecture and frameworks (also created by ebXML).
> If ebXML is really focused on the data element level, is the result simply
> going to be "ebBSR"?
> Bill Chessman
> On 15-Jul-2000 Duane Nickull wrote:
> > The biggest difference between the two is that Biztalk is still operating on
> > a document instance (the document centric approach) while EbXML is focused
> > on the data element level.  The main advantage is that once you have a
> > reasonably comprehensive library of elements,  an engine can be deployed to
> > declaritively transform the elements.   The templates for such
> > transformations can be dynamically generated (assuming that the contextual
> > nature of each element instance can be recognized).
> >
> > Duane Nickull
> >
> > Steven Livingstone wrote:
> >
> >> I hope this is the correct list for this question.
> >>
> >> I am looking for a paper reviewing the similarities and differences, pros
> >> and cons between Ebxml and similar initiatives, BizTalk in particular.
> >>
> >> Any views from this list would also be appreciated !
> >>
> >> Thanks,
> >> Steven
> >>
> >> Author and Reviewer,
> >> Professional XML, ASP XML, Beginners XML,
> >> Pro Site Server, Pro Site Server Commerce
> >> Wrox Press, http://www.wrox.com
> >>
> >> Steven Livingstone
> >> Glasgow, Scotland.
> >> 07771 957 280 or +447771957280
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title:Lead Analyst
fn:Kris Ketels

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