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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: Re: Ebxml, Biztalk et al

KETELS Kris wrote:
> I tend to agree with Bill; stating that we're data element centric is really over-simplifying things.
> XML DTD and XML Schema are document centric, however, UML can be much more than that. Hence I would call EbXML also transaction
> centric (hence business process modelling).
> >>>>>>>

Please ->  this has gotten completely out of context.  The statement
about being data element centric as opposed to document centric was in
response to a question asking what the differences were between BizTalk
and EbXML.  
EbXML is also very much process oriented as is written in the first
drafts of the Technical Architecture specification.  

Let this thread die.  Everyone is agreeing here.

Let's talk about more important issues like which local beers in San
Jose are best fitted for consumption by Euopeans and Canadians. ;-)


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