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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: Re: Problem


I don't think that you have universal agreement.
I believe that it is a requirement for ebXML
to support discovery of markets and parties.

At 01:38 PM 7/31/00 -0700, duane wrote:
>WHo is our liaison with the BPM  group?
>THe BPM group has been mandating a discovery marketplace for some time
>now in their spec. I didn;t read it until now becuase I have relied on
>our liaison to make note of any large differences.  The rift between the
>two seems very large over this one issue.
>All liaisons:
>We have a job to do and it has to be done professionally.  Please make
>sure you read the specifications and work of the appropriate teams you
>are charged with liaising with.  I don;t mean to sound harse but I have
>put in a lot of time and effort as others have on ebXML and we can't get
>derailed by lack of communication.
>I have put this issue to the steering committee to discuss.  I would
>appreciate it if our liaison to BPM can go through the spec and make an
>issues list of the scope problems.
>THank you
>Duane Nickull

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