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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: Re: Problem


We based the Technical Architecture Specification on the EbXML Requirements
Specification.  We have a very clearly defined (and publicly stated) mandate
to architect an infrastructure which adheres to the business requirements.
The version I have (approved in Brussels) makes no mention of the marketplace
discovery mechanism.  THat is why I am making noise now because we have been
blindsided by the fact this is in the EBXML BPM meta model.

I am not saying I am for or against it.  I just want clarification.

My personal feeling is that it would be prudent to not include it at this
point in time.  Since we have already approved the Requirements Teams
document, and a lot of work has gone on assuming that document as a basis for
all work, it could significantly put EbXML behind the 18 months time frame to
re architect the marketplace discovery mechanism into the infrastructure.  We
have not precluded another mechanism like eCo from being placed in front of
the ebXML process boundary that can fulfill the business requirements for a
marketplace discovery.  The only problem is that the eCo framework has no
mechanism for providing a view of only ebXML compliant trading partners.
This means that one could not rely on always using ebXML methodologies for
having business relationships with companies found in a non ebXML mandated
marketplace discovery mechanism.

I don;t see this as a huge problem though.  I am sure that vertical
industries will spring up all over with their own vertical marketplaces.

This problem needs to be placed at the forefront of the 1st steering
committee meeting in San Jose.

So - currently it is not a requirement to discover parties and markets.  It
IS a requirement to discover all we can about them once we encounter them and
that functionality has been included within architecture (not very

Possible solution:  A dedicated Search Engine for only companies which are
certified ebXML compliant?  THis is not the best solution as it builds yet
another hub and spoke model which probably won't scale too well without
massive amounts of hardware.  Mind you, I would gladly use goxml.com to
provide this functionality for the time bbeing if it was decided to proceed
in this manner. ;-)

Duane Nickull

Murray Maloney wrote:

> Duane,
> I don't think that you have universal agreement.
> I believe that it is a requirement for ebXML
> to support discovery of markets and parties.
> At 01:38 PM 7/31/00 -0700, duane wrote:
> >WHo is our liaison with the BPM  group?
> >
> >THe BPM group has been mandating a discovery marketplace for some time
> >now in their spec. I didn;t read it until now becuase I have relied on
> >our liaison to make note of any large differences.  The rift between the
> >two seems very large over this one issue.
> >
> >All liaisons:
> >
> >We have a job to do and it has to be done professionally.  Please make
> >sure you read the specifications and work of the appropriate teams you
> >are charged with liaising with.  I don;t mean to sound harse but I have
> >put in a lot of time and effort as others have on ebXML and we can't get
> >derailed by lack of communication.
> >
> >I have put this issue to the steering committee to discuss.  I would
> >appreciate it if our liaison to BPM can go through the spec and make an
> >issues list of the scope problems.
> >
> >THank you
> >
> >Duane Nickull
> >duane@xmlglobal.com
> >
> >

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