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Subject: FWD: re: POC liaison report


I don;t want to start a war here - but clearly the Coord group (of which
I'm a member) could be accused of dropping the ball here, and
needing to pick it up big time.

I'll accept that, but can;t speak for everyone - some would argue
just as hard its not Coords job!  We'll have to get direction from the
Executive committee on this ultimately, and of course POC was
formed on the back end of Brussels and so is still learning too.

Anyway - that's why we're getting together next week to resolve
all these issues!

Thanks, DW.

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From:   David RR Webber, 
To:     Brian Eisenberg, INTERNET:BrianE@DataChannel.com
CC:     [unknown], INTERNET:ebxml-architecture@lists.ebxml.org
Date:   03-08-100  3:22 PM

RE:     re: POC liaison report

Message text written by Brian Eisenberg
Here's a quick update on the POC. The latest draft of the POC spec (v0.85)
is located here:
http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-poc/200008/doc00001.doc. The POC team
will be making a few minor changes to this version and plan to freeze the
document by EOB today

Brian - there's serious problems here!!!

Can I be forgiven for thinking this is a warmed over RosettaNet
that a bunch of vendors are re-purposing as a wedge into ebXML?

Notice almost the same 'demo' is being promoted at OAG too!

I'm sorry but this has to be said, I'm not here to have a cozy love fest, 
but to deliver a quality solution that meets the ebXML Architecture and
ebXML Requirements details - which this RosettaNet example is a million
from right now IMHO.

This is EXACTLY the sort of thing that Microsoft is objecting to about the
ebXML work - and this is handing them the evidence on a plate.

OK - quite apart from the politics.

Let's get back to basics.  The Coord team has put together some models
and scenarios - the Architecture group also has made solid progress, 
and the RegRep team is closing in on their interchange spec's.

Let's start there on building what a POC should look like, NOT the 
RosettaNet PIPs.

Look forward to discussing more next week.

Thanks, DW.

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