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Subject: Re: FWD: re: POC liaison report

Message text written by Nicholas Kassem
>Please - then lets concentrate on creating such a payload,
>and yes, that is one item GUIDE focuses on, and yes we have lots
>of other XML based payloads that we can use too.

What would you have preferred to see and which vendor was willing to sign 
up to show this "payload". Point them to me. I'll work with them.



Klaus started this payload thought path - and I'm grateful - ( I can hear
groaning already 'not that bloody payload thing again!').

Actually what I have in mind is a selection of payloads - I've been working
with numerous industry associations thru the year developing XML 
mechanisms for business information.  That has really been the genesis
of GUIDE - providing these people with something they can use 
inituitively to build robust effective interchanges in XML.

I've been very pleased with the response to GUIDE offline.   I've 
had offers already from people who will not be able to be in 
San Jose next week to start working with GUIDE to model some
of their own in-house content to see how well that works.

Then nearly 200 people have accessed content from the web site already
just these last two days.

This is the great strength of ebXML - people pulling together to provide
the means for us all to work smarter.

Right this second in response to your question I'm seeing we can 
provide a tutorial using some sample business content so that 
people can create real examples from their own business domains.

Add one or two pieces to this - like repository content on existing
vocabularies and a few industry dictionaries (many have these 
from the X12 EDI or EDIFACT side already), and we have the
ability to really create relevant POC for people that they can
embrace and understand.

It's going to be a very interesting next few weeks on this.

Thanks for helping the train of thought thus far.


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