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Subject: Re: New TechArch specification

Lynne Rosenthal wrote:
> Hello All
> In Section 5.0 Specification Roadmap, two items of concern that we may
> want to address during the teleconference - both relate to conformance
> 1. the reference to a "set of strict conformance tests ..." Do you
> mean the use cases?  If not, who is going to build them and what is
> meant by 'strict conformance tests' as opposed to 'not strict'?

Strict means they MUST be conformed with according to interpretations as
described in RFC 2119 [Bra97]  THis is opposed to MAY as described in
RFC 2119.

> 2.  For #4, the last line,  the 'compliant and certified Registry'.
> Are there conformance tests for the Registry and if so, who is going
> to do the certification?

The certification is unknown however,  there sould be a set of
conformance requirements outlined in the Registry Repository
SPecification.  Certification could be done by some org. who has
authority to certify such entities.

Duane Nickull

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