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Subject: Re: OTA Tag name rules

Message text written by Bruce Peat
I see a need for speed - get the tag, vector to the process in one step.
Any additional effort to this will make the system unstable and very slow.

The question is resolution, what level are the logical units that we want
roll as we derive from core components.  OTA versioned every "segment"
is wrong, and a move on some member(s) parts to make the system ugly to
force a move to XML Schema from DTDs.  I hope determining the resolution
level of these logical units and when to roll them are what BP & CC is
including in their definition work.

Yes, we have major disagreement on all this.  And yes I understand the
tradeoff on what we are giving up as well.

- Bruce


in the GCI example I just posted - we see this straightaway - that
once you have labelled a complex object at the parent level with
a GUID then labelling the sub-elements is redundant - and W3C
schema is horrible exposed here - and because the W3C are 
trying to CRAM everything into the one piece of syntax - and
explicitly becuase they have NO concept of a Registry and
being able to separate and manage the semantic layers.

They themselves said as much in a response to my issue
posted at the W3C site way back 4 months ago. 

BTW - an aside - we have to view W3C Schema as Assembler
for XML - that is what they have built,  and what we are doing 
is building a "COBOL compiler" approach.

Notice - no one writes their business applications in Assembler,
everyone looks for a business level language to do that with.
That is ebXML.

Now - on the need for SPEED - notice I have already raised this
as a 'to do' issue beyond the Tokyo PoC for RegRep.

For the PoC we have a human GUI navigation model.  Speed
is not an issue.  For a B2B - machine-2-machine  - interface
model - speed is everything.  Allowing caching and exposing
markers within the Registry to indicate 'Nochange' at or 
below this level - is the way to resolve this. 

We have not yet built those parts of the specs'.

Thanks, DW.

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