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Subject: Re: Re: OTA Tag name rules


We need to hone down on this.  See my comments below. 

I'm convinced all the mechanisms are at hand - we just need
to nail down the specifics...

Message text written by Bruce Peat
>the version needs to be carried within the message for speed,

>>>>>>>>>>> ???  Would this be in the TRP header, the TP, if you
                                   want speed - the sooner you can locate
the version
                                   specifics the better.  Speed is all
relative BTW - and
                                   highly subjective.

classification (and other indirection) derived from this information as a
lookup reference for both "nouns" and "verbs" or "objects" at a logical

>>>>>>>>>>  This is atomic level versioning.  I was advocating a higher 
                          level versioning at the business collection
level.  That way
                          I can identified cached content WAY before
getting to the
                          atomic level - and simply hit my cached details.

  I want 80% of processing to take this direct route, and the other
20% of the time take the indirect route for discovery, interpretation, etc.

>>>>>>>>>> If 99%+ comes from my cache - optimal speed is derived from
                        good caching algorithms - and I only have to send
the 1% actually
                         out over the wire - then you have speed IMHO.

I would like to see GUIDs be unique to the version and be able to invoke
mechanism which you speak from this when required.

>>>>>>>>>>> Actually I'm leaning toward GUID:{ref}   where the ref resolves
                           to XML resolvable query path into the registry. 
That way - 
                           you go directly.  {ref} can then be a version
selection, or any
                           other member leaf of the parent GUID - and
that's a better
                           way - and conforms to the Registry information

Thanks, DW

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