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Subject: new spec and glossary

Hello all:

We have been working around the clock for a few days on the new TA spec,
answering most of the comments from the QRT.

The new version will be going out to you all on Friday and we need to
reach consensus on it by Monday morning.  We anticipate that this should
not be a problem.

THinking - we need to submit this doc by Monday to the QRT Team in order
for it to be ready and finalized by Vancouver.  The approval process is
currently a 14 week endevour.

Please take time to read it Saturday, respond to it with comments by
SUnday (or hopefully a vote of approval) and then we can send it out. 
THe document does not have to be 100% agreeable to everyone becuase we
have the comment periods to do the minor reworking.  We anticipate a lot
of work will need to be done by all during this period.

Thanks in advance for the input.

Anders - did you submit the glossary yet???  We need to do this ASAP. 
If you can;t do it,  please let me know and Brian or I will do it.

Duane Nickull

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