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Subject: Re: glossary

Colin Barham wrote:
> Duane
>         Sent you an early version of the glossary last week, assume you
> received it. I have been away a few days and will work on the update and
> send out a newer, tidier version to the full TA list on friday. I have also
> sent a copy to a member of the CC group to receive some feedback as to what
> needs to be added from there perspective, ie: whats a core component, cause
> the defintion I came with up is way to flimsy for my liking.
>  >>>>>>>>>>

Great work Colin.  Top 'ole!!!!!   

We need to submit this for plenary review.  Anders - please follow the
procedure for that.  Brian, Jeff and I are reveiwing the comments from
QRT and working on the spec.  We should have something by next week.

Some of the comments from QRT are beyond belief.  They are so far out in
left field they defy comprehension.  It is very obvious that the QR Team
did not properly review all the comments as a team before submitting
them.  In many cases,  the comments contradict one another.  Others I
don;t want to comment on publicly.

There are many though which surround a common theme and have merit.  We
will submit the new spec to TA for review but it must be acted upon
quickly so we can resubmit it.  I suggest a 2-3 day turnaround time at
max.  KArsten Reimer and Christopher Ferris are also working hard on it
too so there is lots of momentum.

Duane Nickull

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