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Subject: re: ebXML TA: removing Section 9.0, Open-edi

>From the point of view of BOV and FSV we do need to explain where this
>comes from.
>We cannot just launch into this from out of nowhere.
>BOV and FSV is unknown to most people.   'Wasting' one page on setting the
>scene is a small price here.

I think that Sections 10, 11 and 12 cover BOV & FSV adequately.

>I say we keep it in.  Many, many, many more people than the in-group
>building this
>are going to read this document.  We owe it to them to make it flow

I think prominently covering Open-edi will be more confusing if the reader is in 
an ebXML mind set.  Remember that ebXML is designed to reach the SMEs that EDI 
wasn't appropriate for.

Jeff.Suttor@Sun.com      http://sun.com/xml
XML Technology Center    http://web.eng/xml

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