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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: FORMAL Submission: Technical Architecture Specification DRAFT V0. 9

Please consider this a formal submission to the Quality Review Team to
review the latest version of the Technical Architecture Specification -
version 0.9. 

Version 0.9 reflects a complete rewrite of the specification taking into
account the previous comments from the Quality Review team, and numerous
other individuals. 

It is available for download at:


There are three files available for download from this page:

1/  ebXML_TA_v0.9.doc (Microsoft Word doc)
2/  ebXML_TA_v0.9.pdf (Acrobat PDF)
3/  ebXML_TA_v0.9.zip (WinZip .ZIP file - contains both Word and PDF files)

Pending approval by the QR team (5 business days from today - October 25),
this document will then go out to the greater ebXML community for a FORMAL
comments and review period. Our hopes are that this can be accomplished
before the Tokyo meeting.

Best regards, 

Brian Eisenberg

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