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Subject: Submission to the QRT+

TA Brothers and sisters:

We have spent one day longer than anticipated collecting comments from
within the team to get our document ready for submission.  There have
been excellent comments and critiques.  Some were incorporated right
away however, some will require further discussion.  We have the F2F in
Tokyo to accomplish this.

Here is the action plan for now:

We need this document to be submitted to the QRT and STC today.  From
what we have seen, there are no "show stoppers".  There have alsobeen no
votes on holding the docuemtn from going out to the first comment period
so today,  it will be sent to the QRT for approval.  They will need to
respond no later than five days from now.  In two days,  we will send
the document to the OASIS webmaster to place on the "documents for
review section" of the ebXML.org sever.

Comments will be collected and categorized in the meantime.  Please be
ready to do some big work in Tokyo.

Duane Nickull

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