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Subject: RE: latest Version; Chap16 Revision 2

Message text written by "Burdett, David"
>The reason was that, in TRP, "party" rather than "partner" or "trading
partner" was preferred since the protocols and specs produced by TRP should
be usable in a "non-business" as well as a "business" context.



I can't believe I'm hearing this advanced as an argument!?

Using TRP in a non-business context??

What are we talking about here - me sending out chess moves
in an online tournament or playing Vorgon Death Maze 3000 or
posting telemetry from my amateur space probe telescope
or 5th grade plant growing experiment data or similar 
something using TRP?

Total world domination of Internet transport by TRP is just
not going to happen here!

Let's drop the 'whats-in-a-word' games.   Partner is the
familiar and time tested term here.

Gore and Bush are doing plenty of this for us right now;
let's stay focused on more important TRP items.

Thanks, DW.

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