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ebxml-architecture message

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Subject: RE: latest Version; Chap16 Revision 2

Message text written by Murray Maloney
>David, in business we pay attention to our lawyers to save
ourselves from costly consequences down the road. Your rhetoric
is not helping your cause in any way. Rather than continuing to
insist that your world-view is right, you might try incorporating
the views of other members of this project. But that is just 
my opinion.



Amazingly other peoples worldviews are at the heart of
what ebXML is about.

If we were merely building a clone of a US system, your
approach would be right on the money.

Since we are building a globally applicable system we
need to have a far ranging discussion in order to ensure
that it is usable in more than just 30% of the world economy.

Since when have lawyers been all seeing and infallible?

I thought I had put on the table something that included the
views you had been expressing in the list of suggested
definitions - and obviously in your opinion that was not
me trying to incorporate the views of other members.

Also - it seems that when our collective world experiences
differ radically and our frames of reference - then that is 
something we need to understand.   Often there is
no right or wrong here, and we need to ensure that one
approach is not being pushed at the expense of a 
perfectly valid alternate.  I had attempted to offer a means
to provide a balance.

Perhaps you can explain a different mechanism whereby
we can discuss matters to your statisfaction?

Frankly at this point I'm done with all this.  Klaus has an
action item; we should await outcomes there; and
Marty was suggesting we should engage some people
from legalXML - again that seems an excellent suggestion.

Thanks, DW.

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